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4x6 dates

4x6 dates

Summer 2014

“Follow Me Forward”

Put on your hardhats (actual hardhats not required)! This summer we are excited to do a camp theme that encourages campers to follow Christ. We want to see lives changed; as people decide not only to follow Christ, but to set an example so that others can follow Him as well.  When people drive through a construction zone, they often have to follow a pilot truck that shows the driver where to go, what lane is safe from construction, as well as a safe speed to drive past equipment and employees. As we read the Bible, we see how to follow Christ, and  in 1 Corinthians 11:1 we read Paul say, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” We pray that as campers go home, they know how to follow Christ and lead by example so that they can say to their friends, “Follow Me Forward!”

Camp Mission

Forward Bible Camp exists for putting children and youth on the right path:

  • By presenting a clear salvation message and demonstrating an integrated Christian faith during every camp.
  • By approaching every situation and relationship with the Love of Jesus Christ.
  • By utilizing the Christian camping experience including godly competition.
  • By keeping camper safety as paramount.
  • By focusing our efforts in a way that allows any child to experience camp.
Summer Camp

Why go to summer camp?

Summer camp is the perfect place to get away from the business and distractions of home, and meet God and some new friends. Camp is the place to have a great time and play games that can only be played with large areas and a lot of kids. Camp is where you can zip through the forest on a zip line and work your team through a challenge course. Camp is where you can be challenged to grow into a better person and join with friends that want to do the same. Camp is where you will find a staff that cares and wants you to have a week to remember.

Why Forward Bible Camp?

Our camp is in the woods of the Sierra Nevada’s, a beautiful area; perfect for noticing God’s handiwork. The camp is affordable so that every camper can afford to go to camp. The activities are big, so that campers look back at camp and can’t decide what the best part was. The Bible teachers are relevant, so every camper that loves God, leaves knowing God more and desiring a closer relationship with Him.